Affordable Jewelry Favorites For Spring 2021

Affordable jewelry favorites spring 2021

One of the things I’ve really enjoying shopping lately has been jewelry. I wanted to compile a list of a few recent favorites – mainly my favorite Etsy jewelry pieces and Zara jewelry pieces for Spring – of my most worn affordable jewelry for Spring 2021. Enjoy!

Chanel Coco Crush Ring Dupe

#1: Chanel coco Crush Inspired Gold Ring

I’ve been eyeing the Chanel Coco Crush rings for a while, and when I came across this similar design on Etsy I knew I had to give it a go. 

The ring came within 3 weeks from Canada, and I’ve worn it night and day for almost a month since then. It barely has a scratch and there’s zero discoloration of the metal. 

While the weight feels much lighter compared to what a ring in this design would feel like in solid gold, it’s an absolute bargain and I am in love with the style.

For reference, I wear it on my left ring finger where I’m normally a size 47 in Swiss/European ring sizing. I ordered size 5 in the medium version (there’s a chunkier version still, but I was afraid it would be too big on my small hands) and it fits nicely.

Where: Etsy boutique GoldVibesOnly

How Much: CHF 35 incl shipping (CHF 7)

#2: Favorite Bead bracelets with letters From Etsy

I kept seeing this style bracelet pop up and thought… this is cute. It’s innocent. And I get to personalize them . Let’s do it, people.

Once again I went on Etsy for these – delivery took quite a while to Switzerland but I’m so sold on them and love to wear them both as a stack and on their own whenever I want a relaxed boho vibe. 

Where: the shop is called GoldVibesOnly

How Much: CHF 35 incl shipping (CHF 7)

Zurich Lifestyle Blogger The Real Anne Louise Jewelry Wine
Favorite Affordable Jewelry Spring 2021

#3: Puka Shell On Gold Hoop Earrings From Zara

I haven’t ever bought much jewelry from Zara but lately I felt they really nailed it. Or shall I say, lately I spent a disproportionate amount of money and time shopping at Zara. For some reason Zara is just speaking to me with their awkwardly posed models – well, actually this is the point. From having had a lot of VERY obscure cuts I find a lot of their current things extremely wearable without getting boring. 

Back to the jewelry. I adore these earrings. They are the perfect boho elegant summer earrings. I can’t wait to wear the living daylights out of them. 

On this note… If you want them, it’s probably a good idea to go find them now as Zara rotates their stuff out pretty fast. So I can keep going back for more. 🙈

Where: Zara

How Much: Less than CHF 20 – I think they were CHF 15. Don’t ask me. 


puka shell gold hoop earrings
puka shell gold hoop earrings

#4: Gorgeous Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring From Etsy

I am head over heels in love with this rose quartz cocktail ring set in rose gold from Etsy – It is beyond what I could have hoped for. I ordered this in size 6 with the hopes it would fit my middle finger, but while it fits perfectly, the size of the stone makes it fall down to the side… Oh well! 

The sizing is otherwise accurate and I would recommend you to perhaps size down to prevent it from swiveling. 

Where: Anemone Jewelry, Etsy

How much: CHF 79

Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring

#5: Colorful Stone Hoop Earrings From Zara

Zara Colorful Hoop Earrings Spring 2021

Look, I don’t like too much color, but these are perfectly muted and wonderful and I love them. THE END.

Okay, to perhaps elaborate just a tiny bit more… These will be wearable as they flatter my fair skin tone and will play up any neutral outfit. Plus they will tie in with a number of different colors as well. Also, they’re hoops. Win. 

Where: Zara


#6: Snake Chain Layering necklace From Etsy

layered necklaces

Can’t resist a good layering necklace, now can I. This baby really became a fast favorite, easy to wear, lays on the neckline in a very flattering way, doesn’t tangle up with my bazillion other necklaces, and it was CHEAP. In fact, if you’re looking for a cheap snake chain gold necklace for layering this is the one.

In the picture I’m wearing a  3mm version, but the shop also sells 2mm, 4mm and 5mm versions in both silver and gold. 

Where: AnikaShinyJewelry, Etsy

How Much: CHF 13. 

#7: Two-piece Bead and Pendant Set From Zara

The second and third necklace in the image are a set, sold together at… you guessed it, Zara. 

I fell for this for two reasons: A long, simple pendant necklace in gold is a classic that can so easily be worn and matched. And the beaded necklace adds color and boho without being dramatic. 

Where: Zara

How Much: Oh wow, look, a huge bird right behind you! (I don’t remember, ok, just let me live my life)

xxx Annie

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5 months ago

Love the shell earrings they’re gorgeous!!

Courtney x