An Honest Review of the Love Wellness Supplements

I tried an extensive range of popular supplements for my pandemic fatigue. Do they work?

In March 2020 I was going through what we all went through: the stress of dealing with a global pandemic. The turbulent times made me feel exhausted, and the constant talk of viruses made me think about my own health in a new way. I wanted to become more proactive, and I wanted to feel better.

Enter: the world of wellness supplements. 

This is not a new niche, and supplements for health and wellbeing have been on a steady rise for years. As we become more aware of the importance of health, we also expect increased wellness and quality of life. It is no surprise that health supplements and vitamins are hot at the moment!

In this post I’ll be sharing my own, unbiased review of the Love Wellness supplements which I invested in last year. Furthermore – I’ve recently given them another chance just to be sure this is a fair review. If you’re wondering if the Love Wellness products will work for you, I guess there is only one way of finding out, but hopefully this post will give you a realistic take on the effect of the supplements. 

love wellness health supplement bottles

Should I try Love Wellness Supplements?

I’m not gonna lie, what immediately drew me towards the Love Wellness brand was the colorful packaging, pastel colored and reminiscent of candy hearts. Not to mention the great marketing campaign which first made me aware of the brand. 

Love Wellness was founded in 2016 by Lo Bosworth, ex-The Hills star, who also runs a podcast in support of her latest business venture. While I do love how vulnerable and authentic she comes across on the podcast, I also kept reminding myself that this is a business with potentially incredible margins on their products. 

The Love Wellness range targets a female audience with their lineup of products that include feminine hygiene and female specific products for people with a vagina. It’s true that the conventional offering of these products is decidedly uninspiring, and something that Lo is said to have wanted to specifically address with her brand. Kudos to her for spotting this gap in the market – I couldn’t agree more!

Quality Of The Love Wellness Health Supplements

Part of the consumer challenge of buying supplements is that the quality of the actual supplements used can be hard to fully know. While the industry is increasingly regulated, the quality and exact quantity of the different extracts is not listed or made know. For this reason, brand trust is incredibly important in this niche.

Is Love Wellness trustworthy as a brand? Well, I definitely find Lo Bosworth credible in her account of how and why she founded the business. And I can obviously agree with any attempt at creating more appealing products for female-specific concerns. Plus I do love the packaging of the products, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about this – it matters.

While this industry is regulated, approvals by governing bodies like FDA (The Food & Drug Administration/US) does not mean that supplements are safe to take – not even herbal supplements like what is mostly found in the Love Wellness range. Do your research before trying out something new. Herbal supplements are not just pseudo-substances, but can have real interactions with prescription medication and other herbal supplements.

Ordering Love Wellness Herbal Supplements To Europe & exploring the product range

This is where I get totally honest – I am approximately the most influenceable person out there, because seeing the ads for Love Wellness I immediately identified and dove in. 

I researched several other brands, but the marketing of Love Wellness got me good – so good that I created a shipping forwarding address in the US to order them to Switzerland since ordering Love Wellness outside of North America was not offered as a standard option. (Note: As of the time of writing this, Love Wellness claims that they no longer ship to shipping forwarders). 

This is when I tell you the non-shocker that the majority of supplement users are female, educated, and in already good health… Hello, me. 

Once I started researching the herbal remedies universe it quickly became clear that there were some clear “trend” herbs and favorites that made appearances in the various products of different brands. My head was spinning as well – going from wanting to try just a few different products, I quickly felt seduced by the promises of infinite well-being held in all of these powdered herbs. 

I mean… Why bother watching another episode of The Bachelor when there were dozens of different probiotics to research and compare? And did I really have to choose between Organic Ashwaganda Root Powder, Turmeric Root Extract and Organic Green Tea Leaf Powder? Why couldn’t I have it all?

Picking The Best Love Wellness Herbal Supplements For My Needs

Picking just one remedy for my vague, self-described dissatisfaction with feeling “tired all the time” (please see my footnotes) seemed to be impossible, especially as pretty much every ingredient I could possibly find promised great results. 

My main issue really revolved around low energy levels, but I also hoped that my bloating and mood swings could be alleviated by supplements. In the end I was looking for an all-round solution to several wellness-issues.

This broad-spectered dissatisfaction with ones wellbeing is a common opportunity as well as barrier for first-time supplement shoppers. And brands are here to help (and maybe upsell) us in the process. Some use a quiz-format to reveal the best suited products. 

Love Wellness has made their product range more accessible by offering “kits” where products have been matched up specific to a list of target objectives that low-key made me feel that just about everything in my life could be better: my vagina, my skin, my nails, my metabolism and my gut. Enter: The New You Kit.

Honest Review of The Love Wellness “New You Kit”

The New You Kit pretty much caters to all my #needs, which can be summarized as everything, all the time. Man, if I could have ordered these express, airlifted into my garden within 24 hrs I would have probably done it. Instead I had to wait. When I finally got the shipment I immediately went to work, filling the supplements into my little pill-box that I got for free with the order.

The New You Kit contains a whopping 7 bottles of different supplements (see full lineup here), and has an impressive 330 reviews with an average score of NEARLY THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE SCORE. Great! (…) This was sure to turn around my miserable, privileged life of feeling “just ok” in my suburban, Zürich garden apartment with lakeview. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. 

Funny how we humans feel a sense of agency when we get tasked with something. I was on a newfound mission as I diligently placed pill after pill in the designated morning- and evening compartments of the box. I remembered the cognitive bias named the IKEA Effect in which consumers place a disproportionate amount of value on things they co-create. As I plopped tablet after tablet into the little compartments, I felt empowered with raw by-proxy placebo effects.

This is an undeniable part of the supplement trip: It very simply feels good to do something for yourself. 

How I felt after taking the Love Wellness “New You Kit” supplements for a month... X2

Fast forward: I took these for a full month, every morning and every evening, and then ran out as I waited for the next delivery to reach me via the shipping forwarder. I diligently observed how I was feeling in a journal. While I did have a few benefits (less bloated, slightly more energy) it is hard for me to confidently say it was the supplements and not other factors, like hydrating more. By the time it arrived, I had lost interest… mostly due to the fact that I felt no radical improvement to my low-ish energy levels. At least not an improvement that was radical enough to match the expectations that had built up.

At the price point of USD 149 plus import fees and taxes and other costs relating to shipping this to Europe, the kit was almost USD 200. Which is also why I ultimately pulled the plug on the New You Kit. At this price point I could find an alternative locally, I’m sure.

I’m sure some of you will say to stick with it longer, but if one month of diligent use didn’t make a difference… twice over – the full kit is a pass for me. Good things take time, but I was overall slightly disappointed (I eventually received my second order and recently completed it… With the same “meh” result this year).

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try some of the Love Wellness supplements if you’re keen yourself. Keep reading to see which Love Wellness products out of the kit I would recommend!

Final Verdict on Love Wellness Supplements

For me, personally, it might not matter much whether these were the best thing that ever happened to me or not – I can’t order them to Switzerland anymore. So that’s that. I’d love to try another supplement as I think it can make a difference if you find the right ones and are consistent. Research does seem to suggest otherwise, but I’m keeping the dream alive.

For the rest of you: proceed with reserved expectations. The good old saying “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”, came to mind as I looked through many of the glowing reviews on the website. I even found positive reviews on large newsblogs, and while I’m completely sure that some people have had great experiences with some of the products, not all of them worked for me, and it just seems a bit unrealistic that they’d all have glowing reviews.

On that note, here are the ones I’d pick again if I had to name my highlights.

Mood Pills. For the simple reason that I deal with a lot of menstrual cycle-related fatigue and energy fluctuations as well as mood swings.

Good To Glow. I’m not 100% sure this actually did anything… but I’d be keen to give it another go in a more isolated way.

Bye Bye Bloat. I did actually feel that my bloating decreased during both months of taking these supplements, which is why this one would be a keeper.

Note: Prior to ordering these supplements I had comprehensive blood work analysis done and was on paper in perfectly good health. Consult with your doctor before starting any new regime. 

xxx Annie

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