8 January Fashion Favorites Under CHF 100,-

I’ve been clearing out my winter wardrobe recently and found a dire gap in classic everyday pieces… And it’s January. So I went online shopping and there were some incredible deals which I’m sharing.

I believe all of these are classic wardrobe staples, and quite a few were on sale as well. I was really impressed with the fit and quality of these pieces… and most of them were well below the 100 franc mark.

Inuovo boots. CHF 91. Purchased on Zalando.

My absolute favorite are the Inuovo boots which I got at an incredible price point. I normally don’t exactly *enjoy* buying footwear for the pretty basic reason that my feet are incredibly sensitive… And I’ll generally have to endure quite a few blisters before being settling into a new pair. These really kept up from day 1, and I would repurchase them at full price any day of the week.

I don’t know if Inuovo boots are waterproof or resistant only, but I spent a few days running through half a metre of snow with no issue in these.

Stradivarius, CHF 55 on sale.

This is another favorite from Stradivarius. I’ve been wanting to get a plaid shirt jacket in this style for a while but didn’t find anything that really caught my eye. I love the combined mustard-corn blue colors on this one. It’s perfect to throw on when running for groceries on top of a turtleneck or light sweater and I think it will be a great transition piece as well.

Wolford Silk Mask, CHF 35

I finally caved in and got real with myself: Corona will last a bit longer. This Wolford silk mask makes me feel 100 times more stylish while keeping safe.

Beanie, Barts Amsterdam. CHF 39

Look, this is just a beanie, but this Bart’s beanie gives me serious nostalgia from when I lived in Calgary, Canada and depended on this brand to deliver cute beanies. End of story.

This turtleneck from Weekday is a big hit. CHF 41

I’m basic and I like basic things. Like black turtlenecks. Only problem is the fit, material and price – I’ve searched high and low. These problems have been entirely solved for me with this brilliant turtleneck from Weekday. The quality is excellent for the price – I have tried turtlenecks 3x the price that felt cheaper. The fit is great for my long(ish), slim torso – the size Small is fitted without being skin tight, and there’s no weird and unflattering excess fabric hanging around my waistline. Sleeves are the right length and the neck… just the right tightness and height. Winner. I instantly ordered this in a cornblue, too.

Leggings, Pieces. CHF 22

Leather leggings are just necessary at the moment, and honestly, although they aren’t as classic as, say, a black turtleneck, they’ve firmly been in the wider fashion orbit in the past decade and I don’t see them leaving. These are a great affordable option.

Topshop, light sweater with details. CHF 30 (Sale price)

Ah, I’m such a sweater hoe. Something I always miss and need are lightweight sweaters that give warmth without being bulky. Sometimes a good bulky sweater is great, but often I just feel that I end up looking HUGE in them. This Topshop version has some cute detailing that is not so visible, but that I really appreciate. It’s slightly flared in the sleeves but it’s nothing I can’t forgive.

Anna Field, CHF 41.

Again, same as I just said: I’m a sweater hoe. This one has a great color and fit. I definitely feel this is a very classic look and feel, and an easy way of looking everyday-elegant. Slap on a Chanel broche and we’re ready, baby. This is light enough to wear a wristwatch on the top of the sleeve too, which I love.

xxx Annie

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