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I figured this blog has been live long enough for me to get a bit up close and personal. Also, I’ve had enough late-night glasses of wine in front of my laptop by now to finally open up to it a bit. 

So I am posting a short little intro for you to get to know me a bit better… Let’s dive straight into it!

I identify as an ambivert.

I guess this is one of the first things you should know about me. I have sort of vexed between intro- and extrovert my whole life. For starters, I’m an only child and by default SCARY good at entertaining myself. I also love being social and in front of people. I’ve spent my whole corporate career in roles that were client facing and front-and-center and genuinely enjoy it. 

(On that note: talking about a service or business as a part of my job is one thing – talking about myself is a completely different thing!)

Privately I tend to have few but close relationships. I don’t cope well with too intense of a schedule – I really need my time “off” to be alone as well.

What Inspires me...

… more than anything are emotions. I would definitely say that I am quite driven by emotions – with time I have become more rational, but I admit there’s a romantic part of me that finds emotion much more interesting. 

Style wise I love 70s designs and styles, organic shapes, neutral palettes, boho minimal and really, I’m an everyday girl and casual dresser at heart. 

My biggest Issue...

Is really being consistent with my energy levels in particular. I really fluctuate a lot in mood and energy, and part of it 100% has to do with my cycle. 

I will have multiple days where I get insane amounts of things done, feel energized, motivated and driven… only to slip into another row of days where I feel exhausted, don’t feel motivated and just want to recover my energy. 

Writing this I think a lot of what I describe here is pretty normal. But I still consider this one of the big problems I feel I have to solve in terms of my own, personal productivity and wellbeing – being more consistent! Setting these kinds of goals for myself is super important.

I'm not afraid of complexity.

One thing I observe in general in the world is an obsession with clear messaging and “consistent branding”. I get it. People love reliability and simplicity. Even I love these things. Like, I fully get it – we want to neatly categorize feelings, experiences, relationships, events and people… Except life is just not that simple. 

I love dragging my mind through all sorts of hoops and black holes in general (just creating some low-key cerebral drama, nbd). Too much of this capacity for reflection will bring you absolutely nowhere in life, but just the right amount will teach you an invaluable diplomatic approach to life. I like to think, at least!

Which is to say: the notion of binaries like good and bad, truth and lies and so on are just stories we tell ourselves to simplify an overly complex world. Blindly subscribing to them or seeking them is like losing out on so much meaning and beauty.

I love, love, love scary movies. And Pizza 🍕

If you want to make me really happy, it’s best done with a scary movie and a huge pizza that I don’t have to share, because I openly hate sharing food – especially the really good kind, like pizza. I’ll eat the whole thing, I promise. I won’t feel bad about it either so people can raise their eyebrows all they want for all I care!

Seriously though, pizza and scary movies. 

I guess I had my so-called scandals, and I wouldn't change a thing.

I got divorced in my 20s. I left work early to get some casual liposuction before Christmas break 2020. Why share it? Well – why not? 

I just feel like life gets messy, weird and random and that’s ok – I’m not a perfect human, and no one is. We all have our vanities and rough patches and hard moments and why should we hide it? I really really find the need to pretend suffocating in general. Let’s just take life as it comes and appreciate it in all its glory, no? 

I also genuinely feel I found my peace.

I don’t want to get all sappy on you, but then again why not. My life really came together in the last couple of years. I still have lots of work in progress, but my emotional recovery from losing my mom to cancer after years of illness – as much as one can recover – is in a much better place now. 

I found the man I want to spend my life with. Having a family some day is super important to me and being in a relationship with a good gut feeling and the right intuition has really freed up a lot of my mental capacity to focus on other things that I want to accomplish with my life. LIKE MASTERING THE PERFECT WINGED LINER. 

I’m not saying everything is perfect. But at the end of the day… it’s right. 

I suffered from cystic Acne for years.

I know this struggle very well and plan to post a brief skin-history sometime soon! 

I Almost religiously Do My makeup Every day.

Even on Sundays. I am very happy with how I look without it, but I just love the ritual. It’s rare that I don’t wear any makeup at all – I tend to spend anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes a day on my makeup. It gives me time to mentally gear up for my day and makes me feel I’m ready for anything. And at the end of the day it feels like taking it off signals an end to the day – they’re just comforting rituals that I love.

xxx Annie

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