How To Wear Faux Leather Leggings

Styling faux leather leggings for different outfits is super easy.Update your daily wardrobe with women casual faux leather leggings. Slip into style with skinny fit.
Style influencer therealannelouise wears faux leather leggings

Faux leather leggings are not just a trend, they are a style main-stay and a favorite wardrobe piece of mine. While faux leather leggings or fake leather pants are definitely more of a winter item, I do think they transition well into- and out of the cold season for those of us who live in 4-season climates. 

If you’ve been wondering how to style faux leather leggings and holding off from getting a pair, fear not. They’re such an easy and versatile wardrobe essential, and once you find a pair you love, you’ll be unstoppable! There are so many options out there that it’s just a matter of finding the pair that fits you.

Stylish Faux leather leggings

Casual faux leather leggings with ankle boots and shacket

This is one of my current favorite ways of wearing faux leather leggings. The sheen of the leggings immediately dresses up a simple outfit like this and makes for a very comfortable, elevated daily look. 

Especially if the pair is lined it’s a combination I can easily be comfy in all day long – in fact I’ll often “forget” to change out of my outfit and just stay snug right up until bedtime (which we all know isn’t always the case with day-to-day outfits). 

A plain t-shirt, simple top, turtleneck or even a sweater like in these images are all options to wear underneath, and I love the black-on-black look of the YSL Lou Lou Puffer here. Black combat boots would be great for this outfit combo as well.

Influencer therealannelouise faux leather leggings

Stradivarius Shacket (Size S), Topshop Sweater (Size S), Pull & Bear Faux Leather Leggings (I’m wearing size 38 which fit slightly large on me but are TTS), YSL Lou Lou Puffer with black hardware

Style influencer wears faux leather leggings

Dressing up faux leather pants with blazers

A black Balmain-style blazer with gold buttons paired with faux leather leggings is an instant winner for going out, and this look is easily completed with a pair of heels. I think this is a real killer look for a night out! 

For a more laid-back look, I love pairing them with a boyfriend style blazer in camel and mules or just simple trainers in white or dad-styled sneakers. This is a perfect easy look for running errands and grabbing coffees. 

Dressing up faux leather pants & blazers

Transitional Outfits with Faux leather leggings

In my opinion, these are great options for transitional seasons if you’re in a location with proper Summer/Winter seasonality. Here in Zurich, the weather most of the year is cold or transitional, and faux leggings are a real wardrobe essential. 

Again, if they’re actually lined they’ll give a lot more warmth than if they’re not, so this is one thing to look out for when shopping. The easiest way of styling faux leather leggings for Fall weather is with over-the-knee boots and coats for really put-together looks. 

For Spring, layering is in general the best way of staying comfortable through changing temperatures within the same day. Pairing them with a denim jacket, combat boots and and a white T gives a very rock-chic vibe, and cotton button-downs work great too. 

Pair them with Athleisure outfits

Since faux leather leggings are… well, leggings, it only makes sense to pair them up with your athleisure wardrobe as well as an alternative to normal yoga leggings. 

Elevated Outfits with Faux leather leggings

I have a few favorite ways of elevating these. Faux fur is one thing that immediately makes leather leggings look chic, even when you’re wearing flats. Heels is a complete no-brainer and always look incredible with them. 

One of the main advantages of leather leggings is that the texture of the material really can elongate your legs when you find the right fit. Accentuate this with more elongating items – think over-the-knee boots and duster coats – gets you further in this direction of very elegant, yet sexy looks.

ideas for styling faux leather leggings

Pair them with feminine tops and materials

You can easily end up with a look that goes a bit too far in the grunge direction with these if you’re just adding plain monochromes or denims, and an easy way of avoiding this is to pair your faux leggings with feminine tops and sweaters. 

It doesn’t just end with floral prints, or prints in general. You can easily make your outfit more feminine by adding neutral tops in cuts that show off a bit of collar-bone or shoulder. 

Material is as important with color here. Breaking up the harshness of the leggings with soft or silky materials also immediately creates a more feminine feeling in your look.

Consider other colors than black

While black faux leather leggings are definitely the place to start if you’re just adding this wardrobe staple, faux leather leggings in white, tan and cream are also all options that you could get a lot of use out of.

 Especially adding a pair of cream or white faux leather leggings or pants is something that I think you could get a lot of wear out of in 2021. 

ideas for how to style faux leather leggings

Consider other cuts than just leggings

Faux leather is definitely not new to fashion, but it’s definitely having a moment right now. There’s already a lot of very cool faux leather trousers and pants out there that gives you a more trendy look than plain leggings. 

I personally don’t follow trends too much, and I personally don’t think classic leather leggings will ever go out of style. But I do think that slightly looser cuts and belted versions of faux leather bottoms are very current and can be styled really nicely. 

xxx Annie

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