The First 24 Hours With Our Kleinspitz Pomeranian Puppy

It's Mo’s World, We Just Happen To Live In It Too

When I first wrote this, it had not even been a week since I picked up Mozie from his “first” family in Germany, and I wanted to write this while it was all still fresh in my memory. This is already nearly two months ago – time goes by so quickly.

Obviously there’s a lot to say about picking a dog breed, finding a reputable breeder, preparing to pick up a puppy and so on. But for now I wanted to give depiction of what the first 24 hours with our Kleinspitz Pomeranian puppy Mozie were like while I still remember!

The first day with a puppy can be stressful for everyone, but with proper planning and patience it will be a memorable day you’ll never forget.

The First 24 Hours With My Kleinspitz Pomeranian Puppy

Preparing For The First 24 Hours With My Kleinspitz Pomeranian Puppy

The original plan was to pick up Mozie on the 19th of December just before Christmas. However, due to the corona lockdown in Germany where he was living with his first family I had to  accelerate the plan somewhat to be sure we could get him. 

Thankfully he had just been to the vet that week to get his chip and vaccinations so he was ready to leave just in time.

Luckily I had already bought most of the necessary puppy related items, such as a soft sided carrier, harnesses in different sizes, a plain nylon leash, food and water bowls, toys, a few blankets and a playpen. 

One of the hardest things was to figure out what size harness or collar he could even fit into as he was only nine weeks old.

Even though I had bought the necessary essential items already I still felt like a few things were missing the night before. One thing we’ve always done for our family dogs was to put an old-fashioned alarm clock in the bed with them the first night. 

The tik-tok of the clock would remind the puppy of its mom’s heartbeat, and using this method we never had any issues with crying or whimpering at night.

Remembering this I of course had to make a final run to an electronics store to buy an alarm clock late on Saturday night but it was fully worth it! I also did a final walkthrough of the apartment to make sure it was puppy proofed.

Preparing The Car To Pick Up My Kleinspitz Pomeranian Puppy

As it was all a bit last minute I had to go alone as Pablo couldn’t make it. I wanted to leave early as it was a good 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from where we live in Zurich. It doesn’t sound like a long drive, but I knew that factoring in the time I would spend with the breeder plus a few stops along the road, going through customs, and not knowing how he would handle the drive home, I wanted to make sure I left early so that I would have enough time on the way back in the afternoon.

I obviously felt a bit nervous as it also wasn’t entirely clear what the situation at the border was going to be, but luckily that part worked out seamlessly and I was able to cross despite  increased travel restrictions that weekend. I put the soft sided carrier on the passenger seat where I had it attached to the car seat. Inside the carrier I had lined the bottom with puppy pads, a small soft blanket and I had put a few small toys inside as well.

I also brought along a small water bowl, extra puppy pads, doggy bags, both harnesses and the simple nylon leash. 

I knew I would be getting some extra of the food he was eating from the breeder as this was one of the things I had asked in advance. It’s really important that you don’t change the diet of a puppy suddenly or it can upset their bellies.

The drive up went smooth, and before I knew it I had arrived to meet my puppy for the first time.

Driving Home With My Kleinspitz Pomeranian Puppy For The First Time

When I arrived I spent some time to meet and talk to the breeders who had bred Kleinspitz for decades, and whose family had bred these dogs for three generations in total! They brought down Mozie and his mom, and while the humans did the paperwork and talked the dogs played in a small playpen next to us. I of course seized the opportunity to throw the baby blanket into the pen so the mom’s scent could rub off on the blanket.

Mozie was of course way too little to fit in any of the harnesses I brought, so we ended up taking with us a tiny leash-collar combination which fit him perfectly. Taking him into the car I was super nervous to see how he would respond.

At only nine weeks of age he had only very briefly been in a car once before in his life, and there was no guarantee how he would handle the long drive. I put the soft sided carrier on the passenger seat, buckled up and started the engine, and to my relief he didn’t care at all!

However when I pulled out he did start to cry to cry briefly, so I immediately pulled over again and took him out of the soft sided carrier to comfort him. This immediately quieted him down. I then took the blanket, put it in my lap and took him in my lap on the entire drive home.

He basically fell asleep right away and would just occasionally look up at me as if to say are we there yet which was super cute. We did a few stops along the way, but as he hadn’t been outside much yet he wasn’t really sure what to do there, plus it was a little too scary and distracting for him to be in the parking lots that we found along the way.

We pretty much just drove straight home to Zurich as fast as we could, and to my relief our trip through Swiss customs went smooth as well as I had made sure all the documentation was there. Mozie miraculously didn’t have a single accident or get sick during the car ride home which I counted myself lucky with too!

Bringing Our Puppy Into Our Apartment For The First Time

We are lucky enough to live in a garden apartment so the very first thing I did when we came home was to bring Mozie in the garden. He sniffed around but didn’t do anything and then promptly proceeded to pee inside his playpen that I had set up for him in the living room. I’ve had dogs and puppies before so I know you just have to clean it up without making a fuss or blaming the dog. I did so while quietly feeling like a bad dog mom. Oh, the guilt! Ha.

Of course this behavior is totally normal for a puppy that young and I was anyways determined to start potty training him almost immediately. Mozie hadn’t eaten all day because usually it increases the risk of them getting carsick or motion sick if they’ve eaten before traveling.

I hand fed him some of his puppy food, and he was super hungry so he was quite wild in the beginning. I wanted to hand feed him and still am hand feeding him now during his first week because it helps with a few things.

First of all it’s a great way of bonding with your puppy, and second of all it shows them that they need to work for their food. I basically hand feed him using motions that not him to sit and down and it worked really quickly. Because he was so hungry he would jump on me in the beginning, but he very quickly understood that he needed to be more quiet if he were to have any of the food.

The whole evening I was super nervous about everything the puppy did to Pablo’s great entertainment. I was still anxious about the final test: The first night.

Around 11 o’clock after multiple trips to the lawn where he finally got the hang of peeing, I took him to the bedroom and put him in the carrier which I had put next to my bed with a bigger blanket in it plus the alarm clock.

He had been a little overtired and hyper active after the long and intense day, but when I turned off the lights he quieted down really fast in the carrier next to me. In the end he didn’t cry at all and basically just fell asleep again.

I deliberately set my alarm for three hours later in order to wake him up and go out with him. When I woke up a little later in the night for the scheduled lawn-trip, Mozie was sound asleep in his carrier, so I scooped him up gently and took him outside where he did his business quickly and we went back inside to sleep.

He did take a few minutes to fall asleep after I put him back in the in the carrier but we both quickly slept again and that bathroom trip was definitely necessary.

The First Morning With My Kleinspitz Pomeranian Puppy

When I woke up the next morning it was Monday but oh what a glorious Monday it was! I looked down and the first thing I saw was Baby Mozie looking up at me, his little shiny eyes waiting to meet mine.

It was around 6:30 in the morning and the first thing we did was head out to the lawn again. This was by far my favorite moment of my first day with Mozie: we have made it through the hardest parts now, the drive home and the first night. On the horizon I could see the sun rise behind the mountains, and the lights along the lake where we live starting to light up as the day began.

We went back inside where I fed him breakfast on the floor, and afterwards, still pretty tired from the drive and the busy weekend, we had a cup of coffee in bed.

My Best Advice For The First Day With A Puppy

This was my experience of the first 24 hours with a Kleinspitz Pomeranian puppy. It’s probably not fully exhaustive and honestly, he was a very easy puppy in the sense that he didn’t cry or get sick, so maybe it’s not representative of what the experience could otherwise be.

Making sure the home is puppy proofed and that you have all the necessities really gives you peace of mind to focus on being with the puppy, and trust me, you’ll be fully focused on the puppy once he’s there. Doing these preparations in advance reduces the stress on you, which reduces the stress on the puppy.

During the whole day I was really aware that dogs absorb your energy like a sponge, and I was really focused on staying calm throughout the day which I think I managed pretty well!

The only thing I would’ve done different would be to fill up the fridge beforehand, because as soon as we had him it was full on puppy mode. The first couple of days and week you pretty much don’t have time for anything but taking care of the puppy and getting to know him. Everything else is a bit of a blur, but it’s been a wonderful experience with him so far and I’m so happy I finally decided to get a dog. And that that dog is Mozie – we agree that he’s a great character fit to our little family.

Overall I was relieved and delighted with how easy it was to bring Mozie home and get him settled in, and we can’t wait to make him a part of our family!

xxx Annie

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